Nancy Ryan Externship at Idaho Power, Twin Falls

Idaho PowerMy externship with Idaho Power was very rewarding! I am a huge advocate for students finding their way to attaining a productive career that will not only contribute to the comfort of their future families but to serve the community as well. Idaho Power has long been known as “great place to work” but this summer I really found out why. The company has an unbelievable longevity rate for employee retention mostly due to meaningful work and the family feel of the workers themselves. I was welcomed as a full-time employee would be, my questions were answered with grace, and I was treated well- I felt valued. I was assigned to the Education Outreach Energy Advisor. I watched the communication updates/ presentations to various employee satellite offices, volunteer opportunities to organizations like the Red Cross and Alzheimer’s Support, tours of the substations and power plants for various groups, and a more active role in volunteering like at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. My take-aways were many! I have fabulous, specific things to tell my students of why Idaho Power is a “great place to work”.