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Travel Reimbursements

for Meetings, Conferences, & PD Travel

Travel reimbursements will be provided to individuals who attended an approved STEM AC opportunity. After attendance for each participant has been confirmed, the travel reimbursement link will be emailed to either the participant themselves or the contact lead (as indicated on the agreement). Participant will need to complete the form and attach all required documents where indicated.

Travel is based on STEM AC’s Travel Policy and the State of Idaho Travel Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the max reimbursement amount, state per diem rate, and the most cost-effective mode of transportation. If information is incorrect or missing, STEM AC will either correct the form or reach out for further information. Payment can take up to 30 days after all documents and information are received, so please submit your form and respond to inquiries in a timely manner to prevent delays.

Approved Opportunities to receive Travel Reimbursement:

  • EcosySTEM Meeting
  • Educurious Leadership Meeting
  • IDSEF Competition
  • IDX Competition
  • i-STEM Professional Development

Required documents:

  1. W-9 (All travelers, unless you’ve received payment from STEM AC before, are required to submit a W-9. We cannot process payment without one.)
  2. Map with mileage from home to destination
  3. Receipts (These are only required if applicable. Please DO NOT submit receipts for meals.)
    1. Lodging
    2. Local transportation (i.e., Uber, Metro, Taxi)
    3. Flight
  4. Submit the Travel Reimbursement Form.
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