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The STEM Diploma & Scholarships

Little known legislation that could be critical for Idaho’s future economic prosperity

In 2020, there were over 2,000 new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) jobs in Idaho each month – jobs that, on average, pay twice what non-STEM jobs do. Employment in STEM fields in Idaho is highly diverse and includes high tech, healthcare, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, natural resource management, and broadcast media, to name a few. Employers need team members who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and skilled collaborators in order to be able to thrive in a constantly changing business environment. Building on children’s natural curiosity, educators are working to help their students develop these skills as early as preschool. Ultimately, students who continue to pursue STEM in high school can receive special recognition by earning Idaho’s STEM diploma.

Signed into law in 2018, IC 33-523 seeks to address industry needs while honoring graduating seniors who have pursued more rigorous STEM coursework. In an effort to raise awareness of the STEM diploma and encourage more schools to participate, Idaho STEM Action Center is working with industry partners, post-secondary institutions, and other state agencies throughout Idaho. Giving students the opportunity to earn a STEM Diploma not only affords them a competitive advantage, but also provides industry and higher education with important information regarding a student’s qualifications that can impact his/her placement and potential career path. Additionally, doing so will help to fill the STEM career pipeline with skilled young people, support our state’s continued economic prosperity, and ensure that Idaho’s youth can find challenging, rewarding and lucrative employment right here in the Gem State.

STEM Diploma Scholarships

Donate to STEM ScholarshipsHigh school seniors in Idaho who earn a STEM Diploma are eligible to apply for one of ten, $3,000 scholarships provided they will be attending an Idaho public, post-secondary institution, including career technical schools, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The STEM Scholarships will be offered in the following fields: Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Computer Science/Technology, Engineering, Food Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and General STEM (2). Please see the STEM Scholarship Timeline. The STEM Scholarship application will be available this fall.

Donate to the STEM Scholarships Program

STEM Diploma Seals (not required by the state) are free to public schools. To order, please contact Nate Dean

STEM Diploma Seal

Status: Closed

STEM Diploma Scholarship Schedule
Open: February 10, 2025
Closed: April 6, 2025
Reference Response Deadline: TBD
Award Notification Date: May 5, 2025

Eligibility: Any student who will graduate in the 2024-2025 academic year and meet the course requirements for an Idaho STEM Diploma is eligible to apply (regardless of whether or not their district/charter chooses to issue a specific STEM diploma).

Program Manager: Nate Dean

Applicants will need to provide names and email addresses for two references (one of whom must be a STEM teacher) and a school official who can verify that they are meeting the course requirements for an Idaho STEM Diploma. The STEM Action Center will follow-up with those contacts when the application closes on April 6th. The references will have until (date TBD) to respond to the STEM Action Center and complete the application.


  1. Over 2,000 new STEM jobs a month in Idaho in 2020
  2. STEM jobs pay twice what non-STEM jobs do
  3. In Ten years, 80% of all jobs in Idaho will require STEM skills

Eligible Students

2018-19 school year
1458 students from
62 districts and charters

2019-20 school year
2440 students from
100 districts and charters

2020-21 school year
2297 students from
88 districts and charters

2021-22 school year
2527 students from
87 districts and charters

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