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Engineering innovative STEM opportunities for educators, students, communities and industry to build a competitive workforce and economy through;

  • Expanding educator access to STEM professional development
  • Increasing focus on workforce development through university and industry partnerships
  • Supporting K-12 student competitions and camp opportunities

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce. Partner with us to build Idaho’s future.

STEM in Idaho

Thousands of STEM jobs were unfilled in Idaho last year

16 of the 20 fastest growing careers in Idaho require stem skills

Idaho’s STEM jobs pay double the median wage

92% of Idaho parents believe that their school should invest more in STEM education

STEM in Action

Providing grant opportunities for schools and community organizations

Training STEM and Computer Science educators

Recognizing STEM education leaders

Supporting an innovative culture through youth STEM competitions

Connecting rural and underserved communities to career-building resources and programs

Our Impact

Over 17,000 educator interactions

Over 500,000 student interactions

Over 8000 community interactions

Bright Spots

Major Achievements:

Interactive Impact Map

STEM AC Industry Partners 2019


Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Let’s Save America Foundation
Citizen Schools
Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop
Tides Center

Idaho Commission for Libraries
City of Idaho Falls
United Way of North Idaho
Margaret Reed Foundation
Idaho Community Foundation

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