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The STEM Action Center advances STEM and CS educational opportunities through collaborations, providing professional development and grant opportunities, sharing resources and best practices, recognizing STEM leaders, and putting forth initiatives to fill gaps in service. To learn more about what the STEM Action Center does and our opportunities, click on the categories below.

We have curated and partnered with national organizations to offer freely available resources that contain best practices in STEM and CS education. Resources include lesson plans, STEM teach materials, toolkits, and information.

STEM AC is dedicated to building partnerships and fostering collaboration to leverage each other’s strengths and build capacity.

The STEM community has amazing educators, students, and community members. STEM AC recognizes leaders in STEM through the following opportunities:

We work with partners to fill identified gaps within STEM education and workforce development initiatives.

Below is a list of our opportunities that require an application and have deadlines. Create a new account in our Grants Portal to apply for any of these opportunities. For questions regarding access to the Grants Portal, please contact

Your district may have funds to pay your registration fee to attend STEM AC PD opportunities. Learn more about Title 4 funding here and talk to your local administrator for guidance.

All dates and program offerings are subject to change throughout the year.

The Idaho State Constitution prevents STEM AC from funding private and parochial organizations, as well as out-of-state applicants.

OpportunityApplication OpensApplication ClosesAward Date
IDSEF 2023 Support09/09/202202/17/2023Monthly
Out of School STEM Programming Grant (See open/close dates >>)10/01/2022
IDX – Idaho Exhibition of Ideas10/01/202201/11/202301/14/2023
i-STEM Strand Provider11/01/202212/04/2022
STEM Scholarships12/15/202202/01/2023
STEM Externships for Businesses01/02/202303/20/2023
STEM Externships for Educators01/02/202302/10/2023
Student Competition Travel Sponsorship02/01/202305/01/2023Ongoing
i-STEM Institutes02/10/202303/24/202304/01/2023
Travel ReimbursementsOngoingOngoingOngoing
OpportunityApplication OpensApplication ClosesAward Date

The Idaho State Constitution prevents the Idaho STEM Action Center from funding private and parochial organizations, as well as out-of-state applicants.

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