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Idaho STEM Action Center has partnered with Boise State University College of Education and the Children’s Center on an exciting multi-year project to advance STEM learning for ages 0 to 8. Through professional development and instructional coaching, early childhood professionals are learning how to Early STEMengage children with and without disabilities in inclusive STEM learning. Boise State created instructional videos on early STEM learning from infants to toddlers, the importance of family involvement, addressing teacher anxiety, and several other topics. Check them out below! Through this work, STEM AC and Boise State are developing a replicable model that can be implemented at other universities and centers for early care and learning across the country. Faculty at Boise State are conducting research on teacher training, coaching and implementation of early childhood STEM education. Stay tuned for results!
Boise State University, College of Education
Early STEM

Boise State created instructional videos on various topics including early STEM learning with (from) infants and toddlers, the importance of family involvement, ways to address teacher STEM anxiety, and introduction of engineering challenges within inclusive settings. Check them out below!

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