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i-STEM at College of Eastern Idaho

i-STEM Logoi-STEM is a summer professional development opportunity for educators (PK-12) working in both classroom and informal settings. During the Institute, participants attend a strand on project-based, hands-on learning in a chosen content area, as well as general sessions tied to the Institute theme. Strand topics vary by location and can be accessed at the Institute links below in January 2023. Each participant will receive a kit of instructional materials unique to their strand, so that they can implement what they have learned in their own teaching environments.

i-STEM 2023 is Step up to STEM: Increasing Integration

College of Eastern Idaho i-STEM InstituteParticipants are encouraged to attend i-STEM with colleagues from their own school, district or organization so that you can learn together, share ideas and collaboratively implement what you have learned.

STEM AC is reaching out to businesses throughout the state to sponsor registration fees. We will reach out to you once you are accepted into the program and let you know if your registration fee is covered by a sponsor.

Your district may have funds to pay your registration fee to attend STEM AC PD opportunities. Learn more about Title 4 funding here and talk to your local administrator for guidance.

Status: Closed

Fees for 2023: TBD

Eligible Applicants: All educators – formal and informal

2023 Funding Schedule

Open: February 10, 2023
Close: March 17, 2023
Award date: TBD

2023 i-STEM Dates for CEI:
June 20-23, 2023

PD Credits: PD credit is available for participation in this program.

College of Eastern Idaho
Health Care Education Building
1600 S 25th E
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
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* Indicates this strand is appropriate for informal educators.

Note: Kit contents and field trips are subject to change.

Farm to Classroom Connecting Students to their FoodStrand Provider: Rashel Clark

Strand Description: The farm to table journey has so many connections to STEM in the classroom. You will discover a wealth of opportunities to use in your class for every grade level. We will explore the science of cheesemaking, career opportunities, technology, and many science and nutrition components weaved throughout the process through engaging activities, demonstrations, and field trips.

Your Kit will/may include: Educators will receive: – Cheese demonstration kit to use in their classroom – Animal feed samples to pass out to students while learning about cows – Protein modeling kit – Sheet to reference location of online resources.

Strand Provider: Elaine Klein

Strand Description: Whether you’re new to Project-Based Learning (PBL) or an expert at the approach, this interactive workshop will deepen your understanding of PBL design and instruction. You will use the Educurious Design Framework to explore how PBL establishes rich contexts for three-dimensional learning. Then, you will experience how the key PBL principles come to life through the Educurious High School Biology curriculum, which is aligned to the Idaho content standards. Participants will receive a kit that includes curricular materials for teaching Testing the Limits, a 3-week unit focused on homeostasis, macromolecules, and how what we eat impacts both the health of our bodies as well as the environment. This hands-on workshop will provide multiple opportunities to consider how to adapt the unit for your local context, and connect with other Idaho educators committed to high-quality STEM teaching experiences.

Your kit will/may include: Participants will receive a Teacher’s Guide for the Testing the Limits unit, as well as a class set of stethoscopes, stop watches, and a molecular modeling kit to support their implementation of the STEM PBL unit that is the focus of this strand.

Creative Mathematics for All!Strand Provider: Shelley Nash

Strand Description: In the world of STEM, too often the “M” is an afterthought! Come join us on a journey of joyful, creative mathematics! We’ll visit math worlds where you’ve never been; we’ll play, build, draw, explore, discuss, and challenge ourselves! This strand is designed for educators of all levels (including special education)! You will learn something that will inspire you and your students no matter what ages you teach! This strand purposefully incorporates the 8 Mathematical Thinking Practices into the entire strand, so that you can find joyful, creative ways to engage all your students in mathematics. Let’s get rid of the labels– “math people” and “not a math person”–and rather find the mathematics we enjoy and help our students do the same!

Your kit will/may include: Participants will receive a kit with activity materials, books and references, shape tiles, origami paper, etc.

Strand Provider: Karen Laitinen

Strand Description: There is magic in the way a child learns from play. In this strand we will start with Science phenomena that look like magic. Participants will learn how to guide the discussion from discrepant events to the science behind the activity. We will be going through the pedagogy of STEAM and NGSS through activities that use toys to demonstrate science principles in Force, Motion, Energy, and Renewable Energy sources. From the time your students are introduced to the concept, pick up the toy to investigate, incorporate the toy in creative play, they will be completely engaged in the process of STEAM. The strand will culminate in a project-based learning unit designing and building a marble roller coaster. Activities will include use of Hot Wheels, Spring Cars, Hopper Poppers, Come Back Cans, Balloon Hovercraft, Solar Jitterbugs, solar Generators, Fan Cars, and Marble Roller Coasters. Your students will benefit from the use of these popular toys as well as a myriad of handmade toys to learn the principles behind forces, Motion, Energy, and Energy resources. Come join us for some Physics/Math magic and fun!

Your kit will/may include: The participant kit will include Hot Wheels, Spring Cars, Hopper Poppers, Come Back Cans, Balloon Hovercraft, Dy-Toy, Solar Jitterbugs, solar Generators, Fan Cars, and Marble Roller Coasters, and building materials and supplies used for a myriad of do it yourself toys.

Strand Provider: Tammy Dunbar

Strand Description: Whether distance, hybrid or flipped learning, creating meaningful videos to showcase STEM activities (for students, families & the community) enhances learning, elevates lessons and elicits enthusiasm! Join this session to learn how to create timely, eye-catching videos (PowerPoint, Photos, Flipgrid, TikTok, etc.) and then how to share and curate them via social media.

Your kit will/may include: Broadcast Kit: USB Microphone, USB Light, Green Screen, Headphones, Flipgrid pod.

Strand Provider: Tonya Simms   

Strand Description: Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist and inventor. He is considered to be the greatest genius of all time. Learn the 7 principles he lived by and how to encourage these principles in your classroom. Teach students to use their curiosity, to embrace ambiguity, look for the interconnectedness of things, test their understanding through experience, learn from their mistakes, balance art and science, and appreciate and use their senses to find understanding of phenomena. In addition, learn how to use your required curriculum and grade level standards to create engaging hands-on, mind-on Project Based learning infused with STEM. They will create authentic products to share with their peers, school and community.

Your kit will/may include: STEM building materials, STEM kits/Toys, and books.

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