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STEM Externships

Idaho Educator Externship Program:
Application Resources for Educators

Resources and application guidelines for STEM AC industry hosts & host Candidates.

Application Process overview

Submit application

Est time: 30 mins
Guidelines below

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STEM AC reviews & accepts/declines

By: February 18th
Note: acceptance does NOT guarantee you will be matched with a host. A final placement will be made after you have interviewed with potential host matches. 

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STEM AC will send you potential matches

By: March
You will receive information for up to 3 hosts you have been matched to, with information about their projects.

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Interview with hosts

This process spans over the course of a few weeks

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Hosts make offer

By: April

Curious how hosts define extern projects?

Want to hear about previous Externship experiences?

Program benefits

  • Get hands-on experience of how STEM is applied in the work world.
  • Meet STEM professionals from all backgrounds.
  • Learn what employers look for when hiring STEM employees.
  • Earn $5000 and the opportunity for Professional Development credit.

Program expectations

  • Commit 200 hours to hands-on work learning experience.
  • Find ways to integrate your learning into the classroom.
  • Be ready to continue a relationship with a STEM employer and look for ways to integrate them into student learning!

Application is Closed

The application takes approximately 10-30 minutes to complete.

It asks questions about;

  • What types of externships you are interested in
  • Your experience and background

Hosts may ask for an updated resume during the interview process. If you haven’t updated your resume recently, here’s a template.

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