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Early STEM PD Workshop

Early STEM LogoIn this 7-hour early STEM Workshop, early childhood practitioners will explore ways to foster a sense of wonder in preschool students through the use of hands-on inquiry-based learning.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of inquiry-based learning and how it can meet young children's cognitive and social emotional needs
  • See examples of inquiry-driven design thinking in the classroom
  • Practice the concept of "hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on"
  • Create their own early STEM curriculum that equips students to design, conduct, and analyze experiments to solve challenges from popular early childhood books
  • Explore the use of high-level questioning to extend and scaffold students' learning during all learning and routine care activities throughout the preschool day
  • Experiment with maker-centered learning tools specially designed for young children
  • Learn to implement a screen-free preschool coding curriculum
  • Receive a kit filled with STEM tools and materials worth $500 (estimate)
  • Access digital resources on early STEM through the STEM Action Center website
  • Network with local early childhood practitioners to support a strong early STEM learning program throughout Idaho

STATUS: Closed

Training Workshops

Dates and Locations Coming Soon

Grantees will receive:

  • $500 STEM Toolkit
  • Travel stipend to the closest training per workshop attendee
  • Idaho STARS credit will be available


Open: January 6, 2020
Close: February 3, 2020
Award date: February 24, 2020


Formal and informal educators working with children ages 4 to 6 years of age. Up to 2 educators from one site may apply through one application.

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