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ATTENTION! Due to COVID-19, i-STEM 2021 will take place online and run for three days instead of the typical four. We are maintaining the same theme and the majority of the same strands that were postponed from i-STEM 2020. Virtual i-STEM Institutes will take place over three-day intervals in June 2021. Applicants for i-STEM 2020 DO NOT have to reapply for i-STEM 2021. If you applied last year, look out for an email from us in January 2021 to confirm your spot. If you did not apply to participate in i-STEM last year, you will have the opportunity to do so beginning February 12. Please note: only strands that were not filled last year will be accepting new applicants. Please check back in February for updated information on available strands.

Opportunity Goals & Objectives: To empower Idaho educators to gain STEM content knowledge and pedagogical skills, and to build local communities of learning to increase student excitement for and interest in STEM.

Brief Description:i-STEM is a summer professional development opportunity for educators (PK-12) working in both classroom and informal settings. In light of COVID-19, all 2021 i-STEM institutes will take place virtually and run for three days. During the Institute, participants attend a strand on project-based, hands-on learning in a chosen content area, as well as general sessions tied to the Institute theme. Strand topics vary by location and can be accessed at the Institute links below. Each participant will receive a kit of instructional materials unique to their strand, so that they can implement what they have learned in their own teaching environments. (Kits will be available for pick-up prior to the start of instruction.) Virtual i-STEM Institutes will be brought to you from 6 locations across the state during the last two weeks of June. While participants may attend strands at any location, you are encouraged to apply to strands at your closest Institute in order to connect with resources in your local area. Priority for strand placement will also be given to those applying to their closest Institute -- see below for details.

i-STEM 2021 Theme: STEMpower Your Partnerships – During general sessions participants will learn how to build, maintain, and strengthen their partnerships to support STEM education in their schools, organizations, and communities. Participants will hear from keynotes speakers, learn about and work with tools to harness the power of partnerships, and network with other educators. Come see how you can use partnerships to help your students, yourself and your community.

Participants are encouraged to attend i-STEM with colleagues from their own school, district or organization so that you can learn together, share ideas and collaboratively implement what you have learned.

**Please Note: Registration fees for i-STEM 2021 have been reduced to $50 for formal and informal public educators.

STEM AC is reaching out to businesses throughout the state to sponsor registration fees. We will reach out to you once you are accepted into the program and let you know if your registration fee is covered by a sponsor.

Your district may have funds to pay your registration fee to attend STEM AC PD opportunities.  Learn more about Title 4 funding here and talk to your local administrator for guidance.

i-STEM Institute Dates and Locations:

June 15-17, 2021 @ College of Southern Idaho
June 15-17, 2021 @ Lewis-Clark State College
June 15-17, 2021 @ Idaho State University
June 22-24, 2021 @ College of Eastern Idaho
June 22-24, 2021 @ North Idaho College
June 22-24, 2021 @ College of Western Idaho

Kit Distribution & Priority Placement: Kit pick-up for strands will take place at the host site Monday of the Institute week (June 14 for CSI, LCSC & ISU; June 21 for CEI, NIC & CWI) If you do not live within 35 miles of the host site, your kit will be shipped to you at no cost. In an effort to minimize shipping costs and encourage local partnerships, priority for strand placement will be given to individuals for whom the Institute hosting the strand is their closest Institute. We will seek to fill strands with applicants who have ranked the strand as their first choice and for whom the hosting Institute is their closest, before awarding spots to individuals for whom the Institute is not their closest. You may rank a strand that is not at your closest Institute as your first, second or third choice; however we recommend at least two of your three choices be at your closest Institute to help ensure a satisfactory placement. Your closest Institute is determined by the driving distance in miles between the Institute locations and your home address. See the Mileage Calculator at right to determine exact mileage.

Status: Closed

Fee: $50 for formal and informal public educators serving Idaho PreK-12 students ($1000 for private school, home school, retired, non-Idaho, and vendor/for-profit educators.)

Eligible Applicants: All educators (see fee amounts) - NEW APPLICATIONS ONLY

Funding Schedule

Open: February 12, 2021
Close: March 5, 2021
Award date: April 2, 2021

Program Manager: Finia Dinh

PD Credits: One graduate level PD credit is available for participation in this program. One graduate level PD credit is available after completion of a follow-up assignment.

Click on the logos below for Institute information.

Below is the list of strands for i-STEM 2020. Most of these strands are returning for i-STEM 2021, however a few strands will be replaced due to the instructor(s) no longer being available. Please check back in mid-January for the complete line-up for i-STEM 2021.

Please visit each Institute for more details.

* Indicates this strand is appropriate for informal educators.

CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Strands

* Cracking The Code: Computer Science for K-2 & Beyond - Grades: PreK-5
* Building Bricks & Building Partnerships - Grades: K-3
* Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Blocksmith - Grades: 4-12
* IDX: Engineering Solutions with 3D Design and Fabrication - Grades: 5-12
* Empowering Student Research - Grades: 6-12
STEM Leadership in 21st Century Schools - Grades: K-12

LCSC (Lewis-Clark State College) Strands

* Water Science: Investigations and Leveraging Partnerships - Grades: PreK-12
LEGOs in Primary Classrooms - Grades: PreK-3
* Back to Basics to Build a Conceptual Understanding in Math - Grades: 1-6
Using Human Biology to Model Science Education - Grades: 6-12

ISU (Idaho State University) Strands

* Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum - Grades: PreK-6
STEAM Adventures with Rube Goldberg - Grades: 1-6
* Applying STEM Concepts: The Student Invention Process - Grades: 1-9
* STEM Curriculum Integration Through Project-Based Learning - Grades: 5-8
* IDX: Engineering Solutions with 3D Design & Fabrication - Grades: 5-12
* Paper Circuits and Energy FUNk! - Grades: 6-12

CEI (College of Eastern Idaho) Strands

* Innovation for Good: Design Learning in the Classroom - Grades: PreK-12
* Cracking The Code: Computer Science for K-2 & Beyond - Grades: PreK-5
STEM Leadership in 21st Century Schools - Grades: K-12
*Using STREAMpower to Explore Outer Space - Grades: 1-8
* Wildlife Conservation in Your Backyard - Grades: 1-8
* 3, 2, 1… Energize! - Grades: 4-12

NIC (North Idaho College) Strands

STEM Leadership in 21st Century Schools – Grades: K-12
* Cultivating Citizen Scientists in Elementary Grades - Grades: 1-5
* Level Up Your Technology Game - Grades: 3-10
* Creativity in the STEAM-Integrated Classroom - Grades: 4-12
* IDX: Engineering Solutions with 3D Design & Fabrication - Grades: 5-12
* Teaching Mathematics Through Gaming - Grades: 6-12

CWI (College of Western Idaho) Strands

* Build, Create & Innovate: High-Interest STEM on a School Budget- Grades: PreK-12
* H.A.C.K. Bootcamp - Grades: PreK-12
iWONDER - The Power of Inquiry Based Learning - Grades: PreK-2
* Transport Your Students with Making in the Classroom - Grades: 1-5
* Wonderful World of Coding and Robotics for Primary Grades: 1-5
* Exploring Idaho's Geologic Past & Future - Grades: 2, 4, & 6
Building Blocks of Energy: From Chemistry to Conservation - Grades: 5-12
* IDX: Engineering Solutions with 3D Design & Fabrication - Grades: 5-12
* Human Anatomy for Educators - Grades: 9-12

You can check out amazing resources and materials to support STEM education. Please contact the individuals below for information on checking items out of your local i-STEM library.


Idaho State University
Instructional Materials Center
Click here to see what's in the library

Lewis-Clark State College
Ken Wareham

North Idaho College
Managed by Gizmo Maker Space
Erin Lanigan
Click here to see what's in the library

Credits for attending i-STEM

For questions regarding your transcript, please visit the BSU Extended Studies K-12 Professional Development site. If you have specific questions about credits for attending i-STEM, please reach out to Kaitlin at Syllabi for these credits are below. Registration is closed.

Follow-up Fall Credit for i-STEM

The assignment for this credit involves developing a content standard lesson plan based on the content learned in the workshop strand you attend. See syllabus below for more details. Registration will close August 26, 2019. For questions regarding the follow-up fall credit, please contact Cassidy Hall at

Speaker Presentations

i-STEM Resources are also accessible in the Resources Portal.

Morning Sessions – Empowering Tomorrow’s Scientists

Aaron McKinnon, State Department of Education

Angela Hemingway, Idaho STEM Action Center

Adam Richins, Idaho Power Vice President of Customer Operations and Business Development

Assignment for 1st Professional Development Credit

Attend i-STEM Institute and Register on Mentorship Portal

i-STEM participants will receive one paid i-STEM undergraduate professional development credit from the College of Southern Idaho. To receive this credit participants will fill out a registration form during the institute and complete the following assignment.

Contact: John Hughes, CSI -; 208-732-6549.

Participants must:

  1. Attend all 4 days of the strand and institute.
  2. Complete the post-institute survey via the Community Grants Portal (
  3. Complete the registration process for Mentorship Portal (

Assignment for 2nd Professional Development Credit

Engage with Mentors

i-STEM participants will have the opportunity to purchase ($60) a graduate professional development credit from Boise State University upon completion an assignment throughout the 2018-19 school year. A link to register for this credit and more information is available in the syllabus linked below.

Contact: Kaitlin Maguire, STEM AC –; 208-332-1729.

Participants must:

  1. Complete the registration process for the Mentorship Platform.
  2. Engage in mentorship activities via the Mentorship Platform in one of two ways:
    a) Identify at least one student-led project that would benefit from mentorship support, assist student with registration into the Mentorship Platform, and monitor the progress of the project in the platform. (10 hrs)
    b) Find at least two mentors in the Mentorship Platform or the community and set up visits with these mentors and a student group (either virtually or in person). (10 hrs)
  3. Create a lesson plan in which there is mentorship engagement. (3 hrs)
  4. Submit a final report via the Community Grants Portal (3 hrs) ( answering questions about their experience engaging with the mentorship platform, connecting mentors and students, and student experiences working with a mentor, highlighting best practices, lessons learned and ways they will engage with mentors moving forward.

2018 i-STEM Strand Resources

Cracking the Code: How to teach Computer Science to K-2 (Instructors: Ashley Schaffner and Chad Harris)

Lego STEM Stations in Primary Classrooms (Instructors: Melissa Stroupe and Sheila Frei)

Mechanisms of a Makerspace: Design Thinking and the Maker Movement (Instructors: Morgen Larsen and Becky Firth)

Build, Create, Innovate (Instructors: Amber McVey and Amber Obert)

Interested in sponsoring i-STEM by supporting a workshop, being a regional sponsor or adopting a teacher? Contact Finia Dinh at

What is i-STEM?

Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors!

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