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Logos and Branding

Idaho STEM Action Center Colors

Standard Usage of Logos

Keep all logos 1/2″ from edges
STEM AC Logo - vertical and horizontal

Use on lighter areas if overlaying on images or graphics.

STEM AC reversed logo standards

STEM Fonts

STEM Logo font is Anton
For Headlines use Poppins Bold
For Sub Headings use Roboto Condensed Bold
For Body Copy use Roboto Regular and Roboto Condensed Regular


When using an Idaho STEM Action Center logo consider its usage then its placement.

Considerations when placing STEM Logo

JPEG file over image or colored background
When using a logo for a publishing program or document layout, use a JPEG file when placing on a white or blank background such as a letterhead or a postcard. IF YOU USE A JPEG FILE OVER AN IMAGE OR COLOR you will see a white box around it. Go to next step.


Use a PNG file, which has a transparent background, when placing over an image or over a busy background.

Logo placement 1/2



Next Placement. Place logo with 1/2″ from edges or on approved content.

Social Media

Facebook Sample PostSTEM Action Center provides the use of the logo for social media that promote, announce or advertise media and stories that pertain to the advancement of science, technology, engineering and math.

Use PNG/JPG files for social media.

Please be sure to tag us in all posts and pictures from your STEM sponsored events by mentioning our name, Idaho STEM Action Center, and tagging us on Facebook @idahoSTEMAC.

Example Facebook Posts

Prior to event:
“Thank you to the @idahoSTEMAC for sponsoring this year’s (event name). Join us on (date) at (venue) for (event info).”
*Include a registration link or even web page if you have one.

Post event:
“Thanks to our generous sponsor(s) @idahoSTEMAC for creating another successful (event name). We couldn’t do it without you!” *Include pictures if you have them.

Print Materials

Print Material Examples

STEM Action Center provides the use of the logo for items such as posters and banners. Vectors are also used for screen printing such as t-shirts, hats and bags. Approval is required.

Use EPS Vector files for anything needing large format printing and screen print promotional items.

The EPS files can be downloaded here in a zip file format.



Conference and Events

Logo usage at Conferences and EventsSTEM Action Center provides the use of the logo Powerpoint types of digital presentations and videos.

Use PNG files for anything digital.

The PNG files can be downloaded here in a zip file format.

Logos and Formats

Download by format

Download by style

To download all formats for each logo style, click on the logos below to download a zip file. Reverse logos will download without black box in PNG and EPS format only.

Image and graphic resources:  iStock Photo, Shutterstock, Pixabay, Freepix, Adobe Stock

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