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i-STEM at College of Southern Idaho

i-STEM 2022 Theme

i-STEM Amplify 2022

Amplify STEM – During general sessions participants will learn how to build awareness on the value of STEM within their school, organization, and communities to create momentum for STEM education and workforce development within their regions. Participants will hear from keynotes speakers, learn about and work with tools to harness the communicate the value of STEM in their communities. Come see how you can use raise awareness to help your students, yourself and your community.

College of Southern Idaho i-STEM Institute

Participants are encouraged to attend i-STEM with colleagues from their own school, district or organization so that you can learn together, share ideas and collaboratively implement what you have learned.

STEM AC is reaching out to businesses throughout the state to sponsor registration fees. We will reach out to you once you are accepted into the program and let you know if your registration fee is covered by a sponsor.

Your district may have funds to pay your registration fee to attend STEM AC PD opportunities. Learn more about Title 4 funding here and talk to your local administrator for guidance.

Status: Closed

Fees for 2022: $50

Eligible Applicants: All educators – formal and informal

2022 Funding Schedule

Open: February 4, 2022
Close: March 25, 2022
Award date: April 2, 2022

i-STEM Dates for CSI:
June 13-16, 2022

PD Credits: PD credit is available for participation in this program.

College of Southern Idaho
Herrett Museum-Rick Allen Hall
315 Falls Ave
Twin Falls, ID 83301
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* Indicates this strand is appropriate for informal educators.

Note: Kit contents and field trips are subject to change.

Earth's Place in the UniverseStrand Provider: Matt Wigglesworth and Jan Smith

Strand Description: Discover Earth’s Place in the Universe through the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve. Participants in this strand will explore a plethora of resources including NASA-sourced lesson materials that are aligned to Idaho Science Content Standards and NGSS along with data sets that allow for interpretation of light pollution, or the lack of it. Our dark skies will provide a phenomenal context for our K-8 students’ learning of astronomy content. Pedagogy is focused on a series of hands-on 5E inquiry activities that include field experiences in local and/or portable planetariums. Participants will receive a kit of materials that can be used in multiple ways in varying classroom settings along with access to web resources developed specifically for Idaho STEM teachers.

Your kits will/may include: The kits will provide physical and digital materials for participants to engage in the unit activities with their students. The kits emphasize models and instruction will provide participants with pedagogy on how to use models for NGSS practices in their grade level.

Making with Micro:bitsStrand Provider: Todd Anderson

Strand Description: Participants will be introduced to the Micro:bit physical computing platform. This strand will focus on what the Micro:bit is, how it is programmed, and how it can be used to foster both an engagement in STEM learning as well as the application of the design process. Those participating in this strand will program and build a variety of projects such as a Magic 8-ball, a digital thermometer that stores the minimum and maximum temperature values, and a digital pet. The Micro:bit could be used in any content area, and we will brainstorm some possible applications as we gain familiarity with, and competency using, this accessible computing platform. Students can become better computational thinkers as they break down big problems into the parts necessary to create an amazing project using the Micro:bit.

Your kit includes; Micro:bit V2 Go Bundles, containing a Micro:bit V2 board, a 6 inch micro USB cable, and a battery holder.

Farm to Classroom Connecting Students to their FoodStrand Provider: Rashel Clark

Strand Description: The farm to table journey has so many connections to STEM in the classroom. You will discover a wealth of opportunities to use in your class for every grade level. We will explore the science of cheesemaking, career opportunities, technology, and many science and nutrition components weaved throughout the process through engaging activities, demonstrations, and field trips.

Your Kit will/may include: Educators will receive: – Cheese demonstration kit to use in their classroom – Animal feed samples to pass out to students while learning about cows – Protein modeling kit – Sheet to reference location of online resources.

IDX LogoStrand Provider: Angie Poulson

Strand Description: This strand introduces and gives hands-on experience to educators in developing a solid foundation in 3D design and fabrication. Utilizing design thinking and the engineering design process, educators are prepared to go back to their learning environments and introduce this project based learning opportunity to a team of students to compete in an IDX competition. Participants can also take a 3D printer back into their classroom and continue developing ways to incorporate design and printing with Idaho content standards and cross cutting concepts.

Your Kit will/may include: This kit will include a FlashForge Adventurer 3D printer along with a spool of filament, a caliper for measuring, and a snipping tool and spatula for 3D print removal.

Ready, Set, Drone LogoStrand Provider: Tyler Downey

Strand Description: Participants will be introduced to fundamentals of drone technology and how to incorporate drones into educational settings. Concepts covered include drone safety, essential knowledge for flight operations, physics of flight dynamics, and real-world applications for drones. Experienced instructors will demonstrate successful methods for implementing drone curriculum with elementary/middle school-aged students. As part of their coursework, participants will discuss best practices for implementation and ways to extend and adapt the curriculum to include local drone competitions, ultimately creating action plans for their own drone education programs. Participants will take home 6 mini-drones and a complete set of materials for 30 students.

Your Kit will/may include: Ready, Set, Drone! kits comes with all of the supplies needed for 30 students to complete 12 one-hour activities, Instructor Guide, Curriculum Digital Download, Mesh Bag (for cleaning bricks), Small Storage Containers, and many more items to list!

Healthy Smiles to Help you Thrive!Strand Provider: Erica Craven

Strand Description: Oral health is a crucial factor in maintaining overall health. Also, children with poor oral health status are more likely to experience dental pain, miss school, and have poor academic performance. In this strand we will learn about the oral cavity, its anatomy, its connection with the rest of the body, and the strategies to care for our teeth and gums. We will also learn about the different careers in the dental field, and other health care professions that work closely with Dentistry.

Your Kit will/may include: Informational materials about healthy teeth and gums as well as most common diseases of the oral cavity. The egg experiment using household supplies to demonstrate tooth eruption and benefits of fluoride. Brushing the cavity bugs using simple supplies to show kids how to brush Flossing Duplo blocks with a string. The sugar cubes guessing game.

i-STEM 2022 BSU Syllabus – 2 credits (pdf format)


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 15, 2022, midnight MST

Location and Course Dates.

  • In Person Training at one of the i-STEM Institutes:

    • College of Southern Idaho June 13-16, 2022 8am-5pm
    • Lewis-Clark State College June 13-16, 2022 8am-5pm
    • Idaho State University June 14-17, 2022 8am -5pm
    • North Idaho College June 21-24, 2022 8am-5pm
    • College of Eastern Idaho June 21-24, 2022 8am-5pm
    • College of Western Idaho June 21-24, 2022 8am-5pm
  • Final Survey Due: July 15, 2022

Course Cost: $120

Instructor Email: Katie Bosch-Wilson,, 208-332-1727

COURSE DESCRIPTION: i-STEM is a four day professional development institute focused on STEM education. This year’s theme is Amplify STEM. General sessions during the institute will focus on how to develop successful partnerships within participants’ organizations and communities to further STEM education for their students. Participants will attend workshops that cover science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content within a project-based learning framework and learn how the content is applicable to local interests. Participants will network with one another, hear from keynote speakers and go on field trips.


  1. Participants will demonstrate an understanding of project-based learning in the context of STEM education.
  2. Participants will learn how to read, understand and incorporate state content standards into their teaching.
  3. Participants will learn about a specific STEM topic and receive a kit of materials to implement what they have learned into their teaching practice.


  1. Educators will attend all four days of an i-STEM Institute (36 hrs).
  2. Educators will submit a final survey via the Community Grants Portal (

FINAL ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: July 15, 2022 by midnight MST via the Community Grants Portal.


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