Megan Weaver Externship at Micron Technology

Megan Weaver Externship at Micron TechnologyI have the privilege for my externship to be placed at Micron. Micron is a technology company that has created many innovations for “delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications.” I work in the Human Resources department. I get to see the collaborative work of an amazing team who work on recruiting. Micron is a global company and with just the overview that I’ve been given, my horizons have been expanded to see how such a huge company works together to accomplish the company’s goals.

Previous to this, I had no knowledge or experience working in talent acquisition, so it has been a great learning experience for me. I have taken the “Recruiting 101” course to understand a little bit about talent acquisition. Recently, I have been learning about how to use a video making software. I am learning how to make training videos to assist in the next course that the team is creating. The team is a wonderful group of people who are so kind and patient to me as I learn more about the world that they work in.