Julia Sharkey Externship at CBS2 News

Julia Sharkey Externship at CBS2 NewsThis summer I completed a teacher externship with CBS2 News, and it was a blast. I got to do so many cool things and learn so many new skills it didn’t even feel like a job. I was so happy to have CBS as my host site since I am a media technology teacher and focus heavily on graphic design and videography. I am confident in my design skills but have always felt like I’m doing my students a disservice with my lack of broadcasting knowledge and experience. I have never worked in A/V tech, but I teach the intro course at my school, and I really wanted to improve my understanding of the industry, better my tech skills, and make connections with local business leaders. CBS2 let me do all that and more. I had the opportunity to help plan and create material for the 4th of July parade in downtown Boise where I learned what goes into producing a live show, what happens behind the scenes to ensure the show goes smoothly, and the importance and magnitude of the work that happens before and after a live event. I got to set up, film and edit garden segments that aired on the network as well as an interview with former governor Butch Otter. I had a blast helping produce live news segments on seals and the STEM Action Center at the Western Idaho Fair. I designed marketing materials you might have seen around the valley for the CBS2 Back to School Drive and the CBS Cares Diaper Drive. I even got to help film commercials for Optum Wellness where I worked with actors, makeup artists, and directors (holding a boom mic completely still above your head for long periods of time is WAY harder than it looks). It was a summer of cool experiences.

I was originally nervous about the externship because I was scared I would be treated like a brand new intern instead of a professional in my own right, but CBS was incredible to work with. They asked for my feedback and opinion, they trusted me with their equipment, they let me try new things and they benefitted from my experiences and skills, too. The collaborative spirit of the relationship is what made this externship such an amazing experience.