Joanna John Externship at Micron Technology

Joanna John Externship at Micron TechnologyHello fellow STEM loving people!

I want to tell you how amazing my experience has been so far being a part of the Micron Externship, I am always looking for ways to incorporate more STEM into my own classroom, my school, and over all community. When I arrived at Micron’s Chip camp I was blown away at the amazing camp experience they offered to students here in Idaho. First the whole camp is very well executed and organized. Second Micron have volunteer staff members attend to assist students, and the activities are meaningful. There was a variety of hands on activities, there was a social emotional connection from students to their college age STEM leads to teach and mentor, was incredible. I am taking so many ideas back to my school. I am confident that I can incorporate core standards such as math and reading into various activities. Chip camp offered so many examples of where students can apply their STEM knowledge later on in life and continue to be life long learners. I would recommend anyone with a middle school child to attend Micron’s chip camp!