Ariel Weston Externship at Petals of Paris

Ariel Weston Externship at Petals of ParisI am Ariel Weston, and I am a second-year teacher at Bear Lake Middle School. I teach science and agriculture courses where I am the middle school advisor for the FFA program. I am working on getting more experience through ISTEM where I am a science teacher and am still learning on the science side of teaching where I went to school for agriculture education. This summer I decided to try and do the STEM externship for PD credits, and I worked for Petals of Paris. They are a greenhouse in our rural community that sell bedding and potted plants. The horticulture industry is what I wanted to learn more about for my FFA program, and it would help in my science curriculum as well. The reason why I chose this greenhouse is because I’ve never had experience in the selling part of the horticulture industry. I have worked and taught about greenhouses and landscaping. So, I wanted to learn how the selling and customer side of it worked so I could add it to my curriculum. I learned a lot about the members of the community, technology used for customer service, and the different plants that use for bedding and pots. This experience will help me with curriculum in my classroom as well as getting the community involved in my classroom involved as well!