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Public-Private Partnerships

Congratulations on securing a funding partner for your STEM program! STEM AC may have funding available to enhance your program and amplify your donor's funding if your program supports our mission of “Engineering innovative opportunities for educators, students, communities, and industry to build a competitive Idaho workforce and economy through STEM and computer science education.”

This year, STEM AC is offering the Public-Private Partnership opportunity regionally. Regions are: Northern Idaho (1 & 2), Western & Southern Idaho (3 & 4), and Eastern Idaho (5 & 6). Click here to identify your Region.

If your application is selected for funding, 100% of your partner donation(s), regardless of whether it is made to the STEM AC or the STEM AC Foundation, will go to your STEM program. STEM AC may match a portion of your donor's contribution, up to $5000, unless previously arranged with STEM AC. (The typical maximum request for this opportunity is a $5K STEM AC match of a $10K donation.)

Please contact us with any questions about your proposal, donor qualifications, etc at

The requirements, goals, and objectives of the STEM Action Center include:

  • State-level coordination of STEM-related activities;
  • Promotion of STEM through best practices in education;
  • Support of high-quality professional development and grants for educators;
  • Facilitation of STEM-related competitions, science fairs, camps, and student programs; and
  • Engagement of private industry in the development and maintenance of STEM Action Center programs [Section 67-823, Idaho Code].

Program Managers: Kaitlin Maguire, Finia Dinh, Erica Compton, Stephanie Lee, Crispin Gravatt, Sondra Chadd, Joanna Madden

STATUS: Closed

Value: Up to 50% of your donor's contribution, up to $5000, unless previously arranged with STEM AC. (The typical maximum request for this opportunity is a $5K STEM AC match of a $10K donation.)

Funding Schedule

Open: August 1, 2020
Close: May 15, 2021
Award dates:
End of each month, August-May

  1. Once you have identified a program donor for your STEM-related program, please ensure that your program donor is willing and able to make their donation to your program through the STEM AC or its Foundation. Please see eligibility requirements below.
  2. Once this commitment has been made, submit your application, including all relevant details and documents. Note that funding decisions for this opportunity are made and notifications delivered by the end of the month. If approved, funding may take up to 45 days to be disbursed, so please plan accordingly.
  3. If your application is selected for funding, you will receive an email with detailed instructions and an agreement for your program. Please review and sign this agreement and return it quickly as possible.
  4. Upon signing your agreement, it is your responsibility to reach out to your other program donor(s) and have them send their donation to the STEM AC or its Foundation. (Note: STEM AC is unable to match donations made outside of this process.)
  5. Once we have received funds from your program donor(s), STEM AC will process and disburse the funding to your district or organizational business account.
  6. If you expect multiple donors to support your program, it is highly preferred that you secure all donors before submitting your application. If additional program donors can be secured after the initial disbursement of funds, please notify STEM AC of additional funding partners and coordinate donations to STEM AC within three months of signing your agreement. You will only need one application per program.


  • Program requested takes place in selected region (or statewide). Click here to identify your region.
  • A minimum donation of $1,000 from an industry/organization partner (i.e. workforce/businesses, nonprofits/foundations, university/colleges, government agencies, PTA/PTO, etc) is required to qualify for this opportunity.
  • Donations under $1,000 can be accepted only in addition to the minimum donation.
  • Program proposed takes place in Idaho and serves Idaho residents.
  • Proposals with primary donations from individuals, rather than from an organization/business, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and may be given lower funding priority.
  • Publicly-funded or nonprofit organizations are given priority status. Private organizations may be given lower funding priority.
  • Idaho State Constitution prevents us from funding parochial organizations. For more information on funding eligibility, please visit

Applicant qualifications:

  • Applicant is compliant with STEM AC reporting requirements.
  • Requesting organization is a publicly-funded educational organization (schools, libraries, etc) or a nonprofit organization providing educational programming (afterschool program, educational nonprofits, community centers, etc) to receive priority status.
  • Program requested is aligned with STEM AC mission and/or strategic priorities.

After eligibility is determined based on STEM AC guidelines for funding, first priority for the Public-Private Partnership opportunity goes to projects aligned to STEM AC’s strategic priorities and the plan for measuring project outcomes.

If you have any questions, please contact prior to submitting your application.

If you have any questions, please contact prior to submitting your application.

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