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i-STEM 2020 Strand Instructors Needed!

i-STEM Project-Based LearningWant to share your STEMazing knowledge with Idaho educators? Apply to be a strand instructor at i-STEM 2020! We are looking for passionate leaders to teach 4-day strands (workshops) at the i-STEM institutes. Institutes take place the last two weeks of June at six locations across the state. The application will be open October 15 through December 1, 2019.

What is i-STEM? i-STEM is a summer professional development opportunity for formal and informal Idaho educators. During four days, participants attend a strand, participate in general sessions, hear from keynote speakers and network with their peers. Strand instruction is focused on hands-on, project-based learning with content that focuses on local topics of interest. Each participant receives a kit of instructional material so that they can implement what they have learned in their teaching environments.

How to apply to be a strand instructor:

  • Create an account in STEM AC’s Community Grants Portal
  • Fill out the i-STEM 2020 Strand Provider application. Make sure to download the budget template, fill it in with your estimated kit materials, and upload to your application. Also download the strand agenda template, fill it in, and upload to your application.
  • Applications will be reviewed December 2, 2019 through January 4, 2020.
  • If accepted, confirm your participation by January 27, 2020.

STATUS: Closed

i-STEM Strand Provider

Training Schedule: TBA


Open: October 15, 2019
Close: December 1, 2019
Award date: January 15, 2020


i-STEM Institute Dates/Locations:
June 15-18, 2020 @
North Idaho College
June 15-18, 2020 @
Lewis-Clark State College
June 16-19, 2020 @
Idaho State University
June 22-25, 2020 @
College of Eastern Idaho
June 22-25, 2020 @
College of Southern Idaho
June 23-26, 2020 @
College of Western Idaho

Being an i-STEM strand instructor involves:

  1. Provide ~20 hours of instruction time across 4 days. Strand instruction should be hands-on, project-based and tie to real world applications.
  2. Create a budget and purchase kits ($200/kit) for participants so that they can implement what you have taught them into their own teaching environments.
  3. You are encouraged to plan a field trip to a local business or industry partner to demonstrate the real world applicability of your strand content.
  4. Attend March training and follow up training conference calls (Dates TBA).
  5. Review participant applications.
  6. Provide a final report and receipts.

We will host two webinars on how to be a strand instructor. Registration details will be added soon. Webinars will be recorded and available on this website if you cannot attend.

i-STEM Strand Instructors Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an Idaho educator to be a strand instructor?

No, you do not have to be an Idaho educator. If you are from industry or representing a vendor, we invite you to be part of i-STEM; however, we will not provide funding for instructor stipends and kits. Please email if you are a non-Idaho educator and want to lead a strand.

Will I be compensated for my time?

Yes, lead strand instructors that are Idaho public formal or informal educators receive a $1500 stipend, travel reimbursements and substitute costs for the March training day, and travel reimbursements to i-STEM. If you represent a vendor, industry or another for-profit organization, you will not be compensated for your time.

Can I have an assistant?

Yes, we encourage strand instructors to have an assistant. Strand assistants that are Idaho public formal and informal educators receive a $500 stipend.

How do I purchase materials for the kits?

Lead strand instructors will get a pre-loaded purchasing card that can be used to purchase items for kits. Strand providers must keep track of purchases and turn in receipts after the institute. Strand providers are also responsible for delivery of kits to the institute.

Can I spend more than $200 per participant on kit materials and field trip costs?

STEM AC provides $200 per participant for each strand. We encourage strand instructors to find sponsors for their strand to support kit materials and provide in-kind time of speakers, tours, or field trips. STEM AC will match 50% (up to $5,000) of a donation to your strand.

How many participants are in each strand? Are participants K-12 educators?

There are up to 15 participants in each strand. Participants can be formal K-12 educators and administrators or informal educators such librarians, museum educators, after school educators. Participants will apply to attend strands in February.

What does reviewing participant applications involve?

Participants apply to attend i-STEM and their applications are reviewed and scored by strand providers. Lead strand providers are expected to review 20 randomly assigned applications and assistant strand providers are expected to review 10 randomly assigned applications. It takes ~30 minutes to review an application.

What is the final report and when is it due?

The final report is submitted online through STEM AC’s Community Grant Portal and is a series of short answer questions. It is due two weeks after the i-STEM institutes. Approximate time to fill out the final report is 1 hour.

i-STEM Strand Instructors Frequently Asked Questions

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