Sherise Porchia Externship at Accurate Airflow LLC

Sherise Porchia Externship at Accurate Airflow LLCI was able to spend parts of my summer with a company called Accurate Airflow LLC. This company is in the field of HVAC and specifically works on balancing air. Balancing air was a new term to me but, after finishing this summer externship with them, I now understand the importance of balancing air! This was my first year participating in Idaho STEM’s Summer Externship Program and it will not be the last!

I am a College and Career Counselor in a high school, and I have been able to expand my knowledge in the field of HVAC, as I am not well versed in it. My site hosts were wonderful at taking the time to explain why they do the things they do. With this gained knowledge I am able to help students pursue pathways in the HVAC field. To balance air, air is measured and adjusted in order to get the correct airflow into a certain area. While that may sound simple, it takes a lot of measuring, calculating, and patience in order to get to the desired numbers. Through my externship with Accurate Airflow LLC, I not only learned about balancing air, but I was also reminded of the importance of customer service and good work ethic. While there will always be skills to learn in any field, soft skills are still needed in order to be successful.

By having both hands on experience and learning the paperwork/business side of the company, I am better equipped to help students identify possible career paths.

Overall, balancing air is very important, and I am grateful for the knowledge gained throughout this externship process!