Michelle McCullough Externship at Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Michelle McCullough Externship at Idaho Veterans Chamber of CommerceI have been working remotely for the Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce (IVCC) since May 2023. I asked for a remote position and Idaho STEM Action Center worked hard to place me. I was very excited to accept a position with IVCC and got started right away. My goal this summer with IVCC is to update all of the resource spreadsheets, add all resources to the website, create an accessible resource document in Canva, and support the staff in any other way I can.

Earlier in the summer, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Mountain Home, Idaho to attend a chamber event. I arrived at Family Fun Zone in Meridian, Idaho to help celebrate the business anniversary and it was so fun to be able to meet some of my coworkers in person. I absolutely enjoyed being able to witness the amazing network that is being built through IVCC. Many of the people there were other members of the chamber, and it was so great to see them all rally together to support this veteran owned business. We took a tour of the facility, had some snacks and really enjoyed each other’s company. I was having such a good time, I completely forgot to take a single photo.

Pictured is my cattle dog Lu, who accompanied me on my trip and camped with me for the weekend. One of the many joys of working from home.