Dalton Hawkins Externship at Kochava

KOCHAVAThis is my second year at Kochava, so I was able to hit the ground running, or at least at a slightly faster pace than I did last year. Having started about a week after another intern, I observed that some changes had been implemented for at least their intern onboarding system, it seemed like some were in response to my critiques. I will be the first to admit that this year was a bit more challenging in terms of what tasks I got, partially because the starting tasks were similar to those, I had the year before, so I was able to complete them quickly.

One of the most beneficial elements was actually from one of the more senior developers who attended a Google Cloud event in Seattle where he learned about how Major League Baseball utilizes statistics. One of the most interesting parts is that different teams have different numbers of computer scientists working with data to help discover trends, and how some of those discoveries have influenced the actual sport. He was able to create a slideshow and shared it with me so I could take it to my students to show that even MLB teams were hiring programmers.