Colton Walker Externship at Idaho Central Credit Union

Colton Walker Externship at Idaho Central Credit UnionI have the opportunity to work with with the video production and training team and Idaho Central Credit Union. In the beginning they decided to use my teaching background to use and I shadowed and gave feedback on all of their training classes they have within their credit union. This was a great experience because I got to experience all of the training aspects of training from working in the call center, to the banker, or member assistance, to mortgage, and give feedback to various aspects of that. Then I was able to share with some of the directors within Idaho Central about various learning styles and how to incorporate their training to engage the different learning styles to help interact with each type to develop and engage in a more in-depth education process. After that I moved on to the more technology-based side of my extern working with the video production side. I worked on creating subtitles and captions for all of their in-house videos as well as creating and edit a lot of the videos they will be using for this upcoming summer. This has been a lot of fun to see the different equipment they use and the purpose behind it all, but also to be able to meet some through it to be able to be the various people at ICCU as well and discuss with them their various roles and job titles. It has been a great experience. I will work to see if I can get some of the video links to post of what we have been working on if they are external videos.