Andrea Coles Externship at Premier Technology

Andrea Coles Externship at Premier TechnologyI have had the opportunity to work at Premier Technology in Blackfoot for my summer ISTEM externship. It has been an incredible experience seeing STEM in action! I was able to attend new employee orientation where I learned about the establishment and growth of the company since it was established in 1996 and how the many different departments work together to custom design and fabricate projects. I have been on four different tours of the facility, and I am amazed every time! I have been able to work on many different projects and participate in a variety of activities while working at Premier. I have been able to help develop their Career Development Program and Apprenticeship Program by organizing online classes for employees to take for career advancement. I created and taught an actual math class to the apprentices. I organized an agenda and script for the company to use for tours. I was part of their first tour using the agenda and script. I helped with a company presentation to kids in a youth home where we discussed possible careers in welding and machining and “fabricated” a Lego building. I compiled a list of possible college contacts in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Nevada for human resources to use for job fair opportunities and recruitment. I participated in a company party held to thank employees for all of their hard work. This experience opened my eyes to the exciting STEM jobs that are available in Idaho for my students. Some require college degrees, some require certificates, and some require on the job training. One thing I learned is that all of these jobs require skills in STEM subjects. I am excited to share this information with my students and to develop lessons that relate to these jobs. I hope to invite Premier into my classroom as guest speakers and bring my students in for a tour!