Sherise Porchia at Idaho Workforce Development Center

Idaho Workforce Development CenterThis is my second year being part of this externship program and similar to last year, I am enthusiastically enjoying the experiences I am having. Only half way through, I have been able to network and gain insightful knowledge that inturn will be passed down to the students and families I serve. I am working with the Idaho Workforce Development Council (WDC) having the chance to be part of state-level meetings, data collection, and various learning development opportunities. While the WDC is a small team, the work they do is mighty! Before this year’s externship, WDC was another state agency to know and because of the externship, it has allowed me to truly understand the work they are doing and the impact they have in our state – stemming from childcare funding to connecting Idahoans with employment, all the way to providing student and adult grants! The WDC team has been welcoming and encouraging as I learn the ins-and-outs of each of their roles. Their team chemistry is something I have found inspiring. Even though their different roles don’t always align, they provide space to share concerns and the time to get the support needed, so they can be successful.

As educators, we are boots on the ground – implementing programs and policies with students and families. The WDC are the ones who develop, create, and adjust those programs and policies. Due to this externship, I am able to see the value one has on the other. As a College and Career Counselor, I am looking forward to having meaningful conversations with students, families, and staff members about the opportunities their own home state can offer them.