PK12 STEM Grant Recipients Announced

The Idaho STEM Action Center (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) announced today that it has released $48,175 to 23 Idaho educators. Projects will be implemented this spring in classrooms and school libraries throughout Idaho. Projects include elementary robotics, math manipulatives, a variety of high school science probes including accelerometers and water-quality probes, hydrogen fuel cars, drones and “dronology” curriculum for high school, aquaponics, 3D design and printing, makerspace start-up for a school library; STEM summer camp for the blind and visually impaired, and computer software for modeling and coding.

The STEM Action Center received 104 applications requesting over $250,000. Funding allowed only 23 projects to be awarded this year. Forty-five educators and business professionals reviewed the grants.

Kristin Beck Hansen School District $         2,495.85
Karen Garner Idaho Arts Charter $         1,060.00
Ken Price Marsing School District $         2,492.00
Erin Kueneman Cynthia Mann Elementary $         2,482.95
Carmi Scheller Star Elementary $         1,516.07
Andrew Bosworth Ririe High School $         2,046.61
Sonia Galaviz Garfield Elementary School $         2,549.00
Joseph Martin Idaho School District 25 – Franklin $           707.50
Jacque Johnson Southside Elementary (LPOSD) $         2,500.00
Gary Lam Potlatch Elementary / PSD 285 $         1,523.11
Sherri Faust Parma Schools $         2,500.00
Jared Gee Sugar-Salem High School $         2,476.65
Monique Gafford Kuna Middle School $         2,364.09
Guy Falconer Sage Internatioonal School of Boise $         2,500.00
Carol Scholz Boise School District $         2,500.00
Kevin Ramsey Leadore School $         2,455.00
L. Paul Verhage Treasure Valley Math and Science Center $           415.83
Cora Caldwell Gooding Middle School Library $         2,500.76
Allen Reed South Fremont High School $         2,500.00
Rashelle Mack East Junior High $         2,189.95
Amanda Knowlton Sacajawea Elementary School $         2,475.00
Beth Brubaker North Idaho STEM Charter Academy $         2,299.43
Lindsey Truxel Barbara Morgan Elementary $         1,626.00