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January 2020 STEM Giveaway

HoneyComb Music Kit

Deadline to Enter: January 31, 2020
Winners will be announced: First week of February 2020 via Facebook

Coding is the new literacy. The HoneyComb Music Kit can turn any conductive object into a musical instrument. Turn a pumpkin into a drum or bananas into a piano. Feel the world is your symphony. HoneyCombs have 3 colors and 3 functions: Input, Logic and Output bricks. Snap them together create whatever invention you want.

This music kit has:

  • 16 musical instruments available
  • Variety of conductive triggers
  • Magnetic snap: no annoying wires
  • Easy logic: plug and play
  • No computer, no screen, hands-on coding
  • For ages 5 and up
  • LEGO compatible
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