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Judges - Participation Requirements

You may register to judge at any of Idaho Science & Engineering Fairs from this site. Previous experience in judging science fairs at the local, state, or national level is helpful, but not required. Please review the requirements below before registering. The Idaho Science & Engineering Fairs are affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and will use the Intel ISEF Judging Criteria. In addition, all judges must meet the “Conflicts of Interest” requirements listed below. In cases where eligibility is questionable, the Judging Coordinator will make the decision. 

If the restrictions listed below apply to you, but you wish to volunteer to help the Idaho Science & Engineering Fairs in a different role, please to go the volunteering page.

  • Educational Background:
    • MA, MS, or Ph.D. in the category in which they choose to judge, or in a closely related field.
    • BA or BS in the category which they choose to judge, or in a closely related field - along with three or more years of relevant experience.
  • Judging Categories: There are planned to be six judging categories in which high school students may enter projects (judging categories are subject to change).
    1. Life Sciences (includes: Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Translational Medical Science)
    2. Behavioral and Social Sciences (includes: Animal Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences)
    3. Energy, Earth Science, and Environmental (includes: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Energy: Chemical, Energy: Physical, Environmental Engineering)
    4. Engineering (includes: Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Embedded Systems, Robotics and Intelligent Machines)
    5. Mathematics and Computer Science (includes: Mathematics, Systems Software, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics)
    6. Physical Sciences (includes: Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Astronomy)
  • Conflicts of Interest: To promote fairness and avoid conflicts of interest (as well as following SSP/Intel ISEF best practices), all judges will be asked during the online registration to sign a conflict of interest statement.  Individuals cannot serve as judges at the Idaho Science and Engineering Fairs if they are:
    • 9th-12th grade school teachers of fair participants or site administrators of schools with fair participants,
    • Idaho Science & Engineering Fair staff or board members (either paid or volunteer),
    • Parents or professional mentors to any student participant in the requested area of judging,
    • Anyone else whose relationship with any science fair participant could pose a conflict of interest.  If there is any doubt, please email Brad Howard ( to be sure.