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Idaho South & East EcosySTEM

I SEE STEM Mission Statement

The Idaho South & East EcosySTEM works to engage partners from our regions (preK-12, higher education, informal education, and industry) to achieve coordination, collaboration, equity and inclusion for all.

As a regional alliance of the Idaho STEM EcosySTEM, I SEE STEM strives to support the state vision and our regional mission through the following:


Connect and build sustainable, mutually beneficial networks devoted to moving STEM forward for all Idahoans.

Create vibrant communication channels so that we have a better idea of what other regional partners are doing in real time helping us be more efficient and not duplicating efforts.

Working Groups  (OARS) propel the goals into action

Opportunities for Access – Survey available opportunities and improve equitable accessibility.

Awareness - Raise awareness of STEM careers, educational pathways, resources, learning opportunities, and our I SEE STEM efforts.

Resource Assessment – Determine stakeholder capabilities, identify current offerings, and foster productive partnerships.

Steering - Set goals, create governance structure, initiate funding efforts, and regulate expenditures.

Envisioned I SEE STEM Outcomes

  1. Connection to Resources
  2. Collaboration on Cradle to Career Pathways
  3. Coordination among Partners
  4. Cultivation of Equitable Access
  5. Continuation of Ecosystem

An ecosystem embodies every aspect of a single habitat, including all interactions between its different elements.

Idaho South & East EcosySTEM

Leadership Contacts

Region 6 (Idaho Falls)
Sarah Childers - Chair

Region 5 (Pocatello)
Chris Guthrie - Co-Chair

Region 4 (Twin Falls)
Heidi Adams - Treasurer

Region 6
Jennifer Lopez - Secretary

Idaho STEM Action Center Liaison
John McFarlane

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