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STEM Externships

Business Testimonials

“The externship program fills an important link that can help students know what “tomorrow” will look like.” Brian Cronin, Senior Vice President, Strategies 360

“Her time here was very valuable to our team. Maggie did an awesome job with her work and we all learned from her in the process. We have already talked about visiting her classroom this fall!” Justin Bailey, Western States Equipment

“It was a great opportunity for Lainey to see the many diverse jobs in healthcare and get to meet with managers or at least interact with them - all skills and information she can take back to the classroom and share with her students.” Roxanne Ohlund, St. Alphonsus

“I really like the [externship] program; it's the most tangible approach to communicate back to the students what life in an actual company looks like that I have ever seen.” Markus Nigrin, CEO Blocksmith VR

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Open: January 2022*
Close: February 2022*
Notification: April 2022*

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Idaho STEM Action Center




John McFarlane
Externship Program Coordinator
Phone: 208-231-1466
Email John McFarlane
Idaho STEM Action Center

Interested in Hosting an Extern for Summer 2022?

The Idaho Workforce Development Council and Idaho STEM Action Center, both under the Executive Office of Governor Brad Little, have combined forces to develop the Idaho Teacher Externship program. The goal of this program is to provide classroom teachers and career counselors with the opportunity to engage in relevant, localized work during the summer with Idaho businesses, which in turn will allow them to better prepare their students - Idaho’s future workforce. Check out the Host Site Quick Start Guide or Download the Idaho STEM Action Center Externship Business Handbook.

Idaho STEM Action Center Externship Host Interest Form for Summer 2022

  • For working 200 hours over the summer, externs earn $5,000.00 which is funded through a grant. Would your organization be willing to share some, or all, of that cost? If so, please indicate how much.
    Please check this box to agree.
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