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The Idaho State Constitution prevents the Idaho STEM Action Center from funding private and parochial organizations, as well as out-of-state applicants.

To apply for a grant or funding opportunity, you must first create a new account in our Grants Portal.

For questions regarding funding opportunities, please contact

Anticipated # of awards: 8 schools (1 administrator and 2-4 educators per school)

Opp goals/objectives: Participants will:

  • Learn and apply research-based elements and design features of rigorous, STEM project- based learning
  • Understand how teachers can integrate engineering design concepts into their instruction as an application of mathematics and science in a project-based, problem-solving environment
  • Understand the appropriate role of technology in both teaching and learning – not only learning about technology but using the technology to learn
  • Shape a vision of academic success for all students in STEM areas
  • Learn and apply leadership strategies for engaging educators in school-based STEM professional learning
  • Gain an understanding of the change process, the ability to improve relationships, knowledge creation and sharing, and coherence making in order to become a high functioning STEM school
  • Learn to use STEM learning tools including walk-through instruments, project design tools, and observation protocols aligned to the Idaho Teacher Framework
  • Learn from a cohort of like-minded educators who are seeking school and district transformation in STEM teaching and learning.
  • Learn how to assess and evaluate educators implementing project-based learning in their learning environments.

Brief description: Educurious, the Idaho Office of the State Board of Education and the Idaho STEM Action Center are pleased to offer you a NO COST opportunity to participate in the second cohort of the Idaho School Leaders’ STEM Academy, modeled after the very successful Idaho School Leaders’ STEM Academy launched last fall. This engaging learning experience will assist all school leaders, especially elementary and middle school principals, in leading STEM efforts in their schools. We also welcome superintendents and other district leaders to expand their knowledge of STEM teaching and learning to help support systemic change. Please see below for learning goals, dates and locations. Educurious will be working in partnership with the STEM Action Center, as well as established STEM school leaders, to tailor this experience to the needs of Idaho’s communities. Schools and school districts should apply with a team that includes a school and/or district leader (required) and at least two classroom teachers from your school/school district. We will fund up to five people per team.

There will be a total of four 2-day sessions spread throughout the school year (8 days total). Locations will be in the Boise and Idaho Falls areas. If you agree to participate, you will be expected to attend all sessions and fulfill all assignments given at each session. Sessions will also include visits to schools, science and other STEM sites, therefore your attendance in person is required; there is no distance learning option available. Travel costs are covered by the project.

In exchange for your participation, we promise an intellectually stimulating and useful professional development experience. You should leave the academy prepared to assist your teachers in dramatically increasing student learning and achievement in STEM subjects in your schools.


  • Open: July 8 - September 1, 2019
  • Award notification: September 9, 2019

Program Partners: Idaho Office of the State Board of Education, Educurious

Course Requirements:

  • Attend all in-person sessions
  • Attend two online follow up sessions
  • Complete a school/district plan to strengthen STEM teaching and learning in your school/district

Training Dates & Locations:

  • October 10th & 11th 2019; Boise
  • December 5th & 6th 2019; Idaho Falls
  • February 27th, 28th 2020; Boise
  • May 14th & 15th 2020; Boise

Travel costs will be reimbursed. These funds are meant to cover any and all travel expenses as well as meals not provided during the workshops. No further funding will be provided. Mileage will be determined using Rand McNally Mileage Calculator. Please see Idaho State Employee Travel Policy. Travel Reimbursement is handled by Educurious. Please email Jane Chadsey @ for any information regrading travel.

Max funding per award:  Travel reimbursement for training | $500 per approved project, up to $1,500

Brief descriptions

Each spring, the Idaho STEM Action Center and its partners proudly host three regional science and engineering fairs for high school students across Idaho. These fairs offer students the opportunity to engage in original STEM research projects aligned with their interests. Students present their findings at the Northern, Western, or Eastern Idaho Science and Engineering Fair. Each fair offers students the opportunity to meet and learn with other motivated students in their area. Representative teams from each region are selected to attend and compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), one of the premier international student competitions, offering students the chance at global recognition, industry connections, cash awards, and potential scholarships.

Learn more about Idaho's Science and Engineering Fairs at

Student Project Support:
Educators taking multiple projects to their regional fair may also qualify to receive up to $1,500 for participation in their regional Idaho Science and Engineering Fair ($500 per approved student project). Funding can be used for:

  1. Classroom/research materials for student projects, and
  2. travel to their regional fair with student projects in spring 2020

Professional Development:
This PD training will equip educators new to the Idaho Science and Engineering Fairs with the skills necessary to mentor student research projects. Educators will also gain an understanding of the required paperwork and permissions for student projects. ISEF Educator trainings are aligned to Idaho Content Standards, including the new science standards.

STEM AC will provide reimbursement of travel expenses for your attendance at your region’s professional development training.

Two PD credits are available for participation in this training, and may include online follow-up.

Who can apply?
Eligible educators will be teaching in a public high school (grades 9-12) during the 2019-2020 school year.


  • Western: July 29-30 @ Boise State University
  • Eastern: August 1-2 @ Idaho State University
  • Northern: August 13-14 (offered through the ISTA/ICTM Annual Conference, registration required and can be reimbursed)

Student project work: September 2019 to regional fair date.

Idaho Science and Engineering Fair Dates:

  • Eastern (Idaho State University): Feb 28 (pending)
  • Western (Boise State University): Mar 6 (pending)
  • Northern (North Idaho College): Mar 13


STEM AC may match up to 50% of your sponsor's donation, up to $5000, unless previously arranged with STEM AC. (The average request for this opportunity is a $5K STEM AC match of a $10K donation.) Your external donation amount must be a minimum of $1,000 per donor to qualify for this opportunity.

Funding decisions are made around the 15th of each month, with notifications going out by the end of the month. Note that it can take up to 45 days to process the request and get the funds to you. Please plan accordingly.

After eligibility is determined based on STEM AC guidelines for funding, first priority for the Public-Private Partnership opportunity goes to STEM industry/business/organization donors. Funding prioritization will then be based on the proposed project’s alignment to STEM AC’s strategic priorities (below) and the plan for measuring project outcomes.

The Idaho STEM Action Center’s enabling legislation focuses on five broad areas:

  • Student learning and achievement (including underrepresented populations)
  • Student access to STEM including equity issues
  • Teacher professional development and opportunities
  • College and career STEM pathways
  • Industry and workforce needs

Your sponsor(s) can receive:

  •  An Idaho education tax credit by donating to the STEM AC (information here). Please request your sponsor(s) make the donation check out to Idaho STEM Action Center and send to 802 W. Bannock St., Suite 701, Boise, ID 83702.


  •  A federal tax deduction by donating to our 501(c)(3) non-profit STEM AC Foundation. Please request your sponsor(s) make the donation check out to Idaho STEM Action Center Foundation and send to 802 W. Bannock St., Suite 701, Boise, ID 83702.

100% of the donation(s), regardless of whether it is made to the STEM AC or the STEM AC Foundation, will go to your STEM program.

In order to qualify for matching funds, you must have secured outside funding that can be run through the STEM Action Center or the STEM Action Center Foundation.