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Beauty and the Beak is the award winning children’s book that tells the true story of Beauty the Bald Eagle who received a 3D-printed, prosthetic beak. Idaho raptor biologist Jane Veltkamp, director of Birds of Prey Northwest, led the team that engineered the 3D-printed beak.

The Idaho STEM Action Center in partnership with Birds of Prey Northwest is providing a 3D print file (.stl) of Beauty’s prosthetic beak, for free download, to Idaho educational organizations.

Please complete the following form and someone will be in touch to provide you with the printable file and supplemental materials.

  • You must be with an IDAHO publicly funded organization in order to download and use this form
  • The Idaho STEM Action Center has purchased a license for the 3D printing file (.stl) of Beauty's Beak for all Idaho publicly-funded educational organizations. You must agree to the following before downloading the file for educational use: The use of this file is in conjunction with the non-fiction children's book, Beauty and the Beak. This file shall not be used by or distributed to any source outside of the immediate requester. Printed beaks may not be sold or redistributed to others. This document constitutes an agreement between Birds of Prey Northwest, a non-profit raptor education center, the Idaho STEM Action Center, and the user. The .stl file is copyrighted information. *The permission to print this .stl file has been made possible through a partnership of the Idaho STEM Action Center and Birds of Prey Northwest.

Beauty and the Beak
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Beauty and the Beak Educational Guide
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