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Student Competition Travel Sponsorship

Brief description: The Student Competition Travel Sponsorship is available for student STEM competition teams associated with a publicly-funded organization or nonprofit. Funding is allocated based on the guidelines provided in this application.

Opportunity Goals and Objectives: The goal of this opportunity is to build student and educator investment in STEM initiatives by supporting Idaho student participation in STEM-related competitions on the state and national level.

Mentors/coaches may be limited to taking a single team per competition. Multiple educators from the same organization applying for the same competition may be asked to share award funding.

*Funding is allocated on a per-participant basis:
$250 per participant for in-state competitions (including up to one mentor/coach)
$500 per participant for national competitions (including up to one mentor/coach)

Funding is not available to support registration or related costs. Travel to conferences and related events is not supported through this opportunity.

Per-diem rates per person are based on Idaho rates:
Breakfast: $13.75, Lunch: $19.25, Dinner: $30.25, All day max: $55.00
Note: Meals provided by hotels or competition hosts take the place of reimbursable expenses (i.e. do not count meals provided).

The following programs receive separate funding to support travel:


Max funding per award:
Up to $1,000 for in-state competitions, up to $2,500 for national competitions (*5 participants max funded)

Funding Schedule

Open: February 1, 2023
Close: May 01, 2023
Award dates: End of each month.
Applications are reviewed monthly, and processing may take up to 30 days. Please plan accordingly.

If funding is awarded, please recognize STEM AC and any program partners in media and materials associated with your competition team.

Program Managers:
Crispin Gravatt and Stephanie Lee

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