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We are excited to partner again with Success in Education and a consortium of industry, government, and education leaders to launch version 2.0 of Idaho Codes, an online computer science course with a new coding camp component to teach junior high and high school students statewide how to build websites and develop apps.

Idaho Codes is computer science program that teaches students the foundational skills of building websites and developing apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The summer program will offer Idaho 7th-12th grade students this exciting opportunity to learn web development at both online and in-person through camps.

On-campus camp sites will be housed at the state’s four community colleges — College of Eastern Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, College of Western Idaho, and North Idaho College — and a couple other locations. Camp capacity is limited with some locations only having 30 seats available, so register quickly.

Students will dive into 120 hours of professional-grade curriculum and have access to instructional videos 24/7, online mentor support, and there are a variety of benchmarks, including quizzes, projects, and a final exam. Students do not need any prior coding experience to enter the program and will have the potential to earn high school and/or college credit.

Our industry partners are excited to give students the opportunity to learn the foundational skills that are used in their businesses daily. Thanks to donations from St. Luke’s Health System, J. R. Simplot Foundation, Idaho Central Credit Union, Micron Foundation, and in partnership with the STEM Action Center, students who register will get their fees waived.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Registrations are filling up, so hurry and register now at

Idaho STEM Action Center Program Manager: Finia Dinh

If you would like to support Idaho Codes, you can be a Corporate Partner, donate as an individual or donate to the Idaho STEM Action Center Foundation. Click on one of the buttons below.


Dates of Training:
June 14, 2021 - July 23, 2021
On-Campus or Online

Open: (Monday-Friday)
Sponsored six-week summer programs

Eligibility: 7th-12th grade students

Program Partners

Idaho Codes partner, Idaho STEM Action Center

Your corporate partnership will help us scholarship students!

Your STEM AC donation is eligible for the Idaho Education Tax Credit.

Your donation to Idaho STEM Action Center Foundation, a 501(c)(3), is eligible for CARES Act tax benefits.

The Bearden Aware for Women in Computer Science

The Bearden Award for Women in Computer Science will be presented to Idaho Codes projects demonstrating innovative solutions and engaging design or otherwise compelling expression. The Bearden award is in recognition of girls pursuing computer science learning opportunities to encourage educational equity and opportunity for girls to develop 21st century skills that lead to their career futures.

  • Completed projects by September 1 are automatically eligible
  • Award Date: October 22, 2020
  • Four Cash Awards of $250 each will be presented to outstanding participants
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