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Status: Closed

Enrollment Window:
Sept. 1, 2022-Sept. 30, 2022

Dates of Training: TBD

Fees: Free to schools/CSOs to participate

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Become a Student Team Leader

Chief Science Officer Program

Chief Science Officers are destined to…

  • Create a global network of diverse STEM leaders.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among CSOs.
  • Enrich STEM culture and career awareness.
  • Amplify student voice in STEM conversations in the community.

Brief Description:

CSO imageScience Officers (CSOs) amplify student voice by bringing their peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM. CSOs are students in grades 6 through 12 who are either elected by their peers or selected by their teachers to be a liaison for STEM and innovation in their schools and community. The CSO program, developed by the Arizona SciTech Institute, is currently in 10 states and 4 countries.

CSOs attend the virtual Leadership Training Institute and then develop a yearly action plan outlining the STEM project(s) that they commit to completing during the school year. They are supported by a school-based mentor, typically a classroom teacher, along with the regional Idaho EcosySTEM hub coordinator. CSOs also attend monthly meetings, which could include CSO Saturday which brings CSOs from all over the world together virtually for a 90 minute meeting/showcase.

Temple View Elementary

Below is the link to the Recording of CSO informational Zoom meeting held September 14, 2022. Contact your hub coordinator (see below) for more information.

To view meeting recording you will need this passcode: Ht4K^!ZM

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Interested in becoming a CSO? Contact your Regional Hub Coordinator.

Regional Hub Coordinators:

State Coordinator
John McFarlane

ISEE (Idaho South East & East)
Ashley Schaffner

SWISH (Southwest Idaho)
Dan Schillo

INNC – Idaho North & North Central
Susan Stauffer

Program Partner:
CSO International

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